I began developing my Darwinian skills at a young age...

As my family moved from our gritty downtown L.A. block to the corporatized Spanish revival architecture of the La Brea area, from an isolated beige condo in Vegas to the copy-pasted houses of suburban Valencia (15 different homes in the span of 8 years), the constant shift in my environment pressured me to adapt or risk extinction. With each new home, I was prepared with the skillset of being able to translate and recalibrate to the new challenge that arise. Thus, I’m used to being able to live in a flux in many different environments, being able to call each new place my home; being able to thrive under pressure and adapt in stressful situations which can especially arise in the fast-paced setting of the motion industry.

Hi my name is HyunJung Kim, but you can call me HJ! 

Recently graduated from ArtCenter Design of College for Illustration-Motion Graphics, I originally transferred from New York University with a background in Fine Art.

Email itshjkimx@gmail.com

Linkedin www.linkedin.com/in/itshjkim
Phone 213 477 3536